Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Ingredients Chiffon Cake

Silky, Glossy texture after mixing white chocolate & egg yolks

Soft peak texture before adding sugar

Final Product


160g Lindt white chocolate bar *you may use any milk compound chocolate*
3 large eggs *55 grams each*
15 grams coarse sugar *to be added to egg whites*

1/8 tsp vanilla extract **optional**
1/8 tsp cream of tartar **optional**
Colourings **optional**


  1. Bring water to boil over the stove.  Place broken pieces of white chocolate into a clean heatproof bowl and place bowl over simmering water to melt the chocolate.
    Once chocolate is almost all melted, remove bowl from heat and stir well to melt chocolate fully.
  2. Set aside.  Preheat oven to 160 deg C and place prepare a 6" round cake tin well greased and lined.
  3. Separate 3 egg whites in a clean, dry and oil free bowl.  Wrap with clingwrap and fridge till ready to use.
  4. Mix 3 egg yolks into melted chocolate and mix well.  Add vanilla extract if you want to remove the egg smell.  Set aside.
  5. Remove egg white from fridge.  Using a clean electric whisk, beat at slow speed till soft peaks appear.  Add optional cream of tartar as extra precaution to stabilise egg whites and sprinkle all the sugar onto the foaming egg whites.
  6. Continue to whisk at low speed gradually increasing speed till medium high.  Once a smooth ribbon appears, reduce speed to low and continue whisking for about 2mins or till stiff peaks appear.
  7. Remove whisk.  Mix 1/3 egg whites into egg yolk mixture.  Mix well.  Add another 1/3 egg white into yolk mixture and FOLD in gently.  Repeat for the balance mixture.
  8. If you are doing rainbow layers, use 6 different bowls and drop colours in each bowl as you see deem fit.
  9. Using an ice cream scoop as a measurement, scoop out the cake batter onto all 6 bowls equally.  Swirl to mix the colours evenly before pouring each colours on top of one another gradually without shaking tin.
  10. use a skewer to decorate the cake before popping it into the oven (lower rack) and bake at 150 deg C for 20 mins and increasing to 160 deg for additional 20 mins.
    Cake will fluff up to 15cm reaching the top of the tin.
  11. Remove from oven and overturn on cooling rack leaving it to cool completely before attempting to remove from tin.
Note:  I was in a rush, therefore I overestimated the need to use 2 different temperatures.  The above picture illustration was baked in 160 deg C for a full 40mins.
Different oven yield slightly different results.  So you can adjust accordingly to what suits your oven best.
As the bake was done at 11.30pm, I cooled the cake for 10mins and i forcefully removed from tin and placed it in an airy but closed container.  So please, wait for total cooled before attempting removal.

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