Thursday, August 28, 2014

Colourful Snowskin Mooncakes 彩色冰皮月饼

3 different ingredient lists... Will try all 3 and see difference.


makes about 8 pieces

38g Koh hun (cooked glutinous rice flour) 糕粉
38g Icing sugar糖粉 13g Shortening白油 45g Iced Cold water冷水
30g roasted glutinous rice flour (Gao Fen)
30g icing sugar
10g shortening
36g cold water
Food coloring - optional

makes about 6 pieces
10g    Kao fen (糕粉-cooked glutinous rice flour) 46g  Snowskin flour ( KCT Pinpe Premix Powder ) 10g    Icing sugar (sifted) 9g    Crisco/shortening 60g Water
some extra kao fen for dusting
White lotus paste filing

1. Weigh lotus paste of 20g each. Shape into rounds and set aside. 2. Sieve koh fun and icing sugar into a big bowl. Rub in the shortening and add in iced water, mix to form a dough. Remove and roll into a long strip. Scale at 15g each and roll into rounds. Flatten and wrap in lotus paste balls. 3. Place the dough into a mooncake mould. Press firmly, dislodge imprinted mooncake from mould.

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