Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cake Pops


Any flavorful cake base
125 grams cream cheese
60 grams icing sugar
10 grams cocoa butter
100 grams candy chocolate
36 Mini cupcake cases


  1. Use clean bare hands to crumble cake base into crumb like texture.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk cream cheese and icing sugar till well incorporated.
  3. Add cake crumbs into cream cheese mixture.  Whisk till there is no more crumbs left.  And all becomes cake dough.
  4. Remove whisk and work with bare clean hands.  Pinch cake dough in 24-36 mini balls. (Depending on size you want)
  5. Place cake balls onto baking tray, covered with foil and chill for 1hour or till semi-hard.
  6. Melt candy chocolate and 10 grams of cocoa butter in simmering water bath. Once it almost finished melting, remove from heat and remove dough from refrigerator.
  7. Use a testing skewer to pick up cake ball and dip fully in melted candy.  Repeat dip and place ball on cupcake case and place on baking tray to set.
  8. Once all is done, sprinkle some sugar coating or other decorations before placing in air tight container and chill till serving.

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